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Mo Dawson is an indigenous graphic recorder based out of the beautiful unceded territory of the Lekwungen Peoples. He is Dzawada'enuxw from Gwa'yi (Kingcome Inlet, BC), and Gitxsan with roots to Gitanyow and Gitsegukla BC.

Ever since he was a boy, Mo showed a burning passion for illustration and creativity. For the better part of two decades, he has directed his passion towards professional cooking, working alongside some of the best chefs in the country. He attended graphic recording training with Shift-It Coach Christina Merkley, and has been mentored by Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier of White Raven Consulting. His Experience includes working with a diverse range of public agencies, non-profit organizations, governments and post-secondary institutions. Visual Communication has been an essential part of his peoples’ way of living for generations. With his artistic eye, indigenous values, and a mind as sharp as his chef knives, He aims to provide his clients with a unique graphic recording experience.

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"Visual Communication has been an essential part of his people's way of living for generations."

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording is a visual form of note-taking. More specifically, listening, synthesizing, and translating the spoken word into a drawing created in real-time so people can visualize words, thoughts, and ideas being shared in conversation. Graphic recording (also known as visual recording) can play a significant role in the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of business meetings, seminars, conferences, and many other types of discussion. This unique style of recording increases peoples engagement, participation, and retention of information which in turn helps people make effective decisions quicker.

For indigenous people, Graphic Recording is a form of witnessing and storytelling which are ancestral practices of documenting and sharing knowledge since time immemorial.

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